Erroneous actions of Yemeni cleric

Bandung, NU Online
Professor of the University of Dar al Mustafa New Picture (1) Yemen Prof. Dr. Fahmi bin Abidun judge sentenced fond attitude towards fellow Muslims as infidels foolish. It is also a characteristic of extreme groups that are not tolerant to the outside of his understanding.

This opinion he conveyed in the International Seminar entitled Moderate Islam: Efforts to Counteract Religious Radicalism” held UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, West Java, in cooperation with the National Agency Penanggualan Terrorism (BNPT), Wednesday (1/10), in the main hall of the campus local.

According to him, this misconception is also targeting to the leaders. By reason leaders do not enforce Sharia Law, then he considered infidels. Consequently, other government elements were eventually convicted infidels.

Fahmi asked participants to the seminar to learn to scholars who have in-depth understanding of religion. He assessed that Indonesia is a safe country. A sense of security is to be replaced by threats and terror?” He said insisting that loving homeland is part of faith and state is a mandate.

Impact on Economic Conditions
In the same occasion, Professor of the University Prof. Dr. Abdullah Yemen Ahqaf Alaidrus explained, Islam does not teach anything about radicalism.

Just as God has informed that the people of Prophet Muhammad are moderate people, so that Islam came as a mercy to all the worlds,” said Abdullah.

The fact that there is, he added, wherewhere many Muslims were involved in the bombings, war and deprivation. How did it happen, when, according to him, God requires us to bear the burden of the mandate before we have faith,” he added in front of an audience of hundreds of students and faculty.

Abdullah said the radicalism influence on a country’s economic viability. According to him, seven percent of Yemen’s population who live in poverty is a result of the war. (Muhammad ZidniNafi / Mahbib)


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